I am Keith and welcome to businessmadeunique.com, I currently live within the UK and previously worked in Real Estate, when the Credit Crash caused a collapse of my Business.

After trying to regain stability, which took many years, I was introduced to Internet marketing by a friend who was creating an income online.

On and off over the years I began to explore the methods of Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, Google AdWords etc. After a while I decided to look at Internet Marketing and Making Money Online in much more detail. Which led me to purchase many courses, some of which led to dead ends, as I discovered that some of the vital information was missing, withheld or not included.

On this website I will be talking about various things to do with Internet Marketing, Making Money Online, Affiliate Marketing and reviews. This could be your one stop source for information, products and online marketing news.

I look forward to working and sharing information with you!

Kind Regards,